infected root


Vision: Global increase in crop security through plant-parasitic nematode control

Core task: Reconciling the control of plant-parasitic nematodes with reducing harmful environmental impacts through science

Plant-parasitic nematodes affect root health by impairing water and nutrient uptake. Picture of a heavily galled tomato root infected with root-knot nematode


The files below give you quick access to a movie clip of Caenorhabditis elegans on an agar plate and some recent talks given at meetings.

wmv icon Caenorhabditis elegans: showing "worms" moving on an agar plate

pdf icon Synthetic Biology & Biocontrol: Talk given at AAB Advances in Nematology meeting

pdf icon Potato Cyst Nematode decline: Talk given at Bioforsk, Norway

pdf icon Biological control & Pasteuria penetrans: Talk to U. Ghent students

pdf icon Publications 2015: Full list of publications to date


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