watering cabbages africa


Periurban agriculture: Global migration from rural areas to urban conurbations requires food to be produced and transported into cities leading to an increase in periurban agriculture; watering cabbages outside Maputo in Mozambique


Dr K G Davies spent two years working as a plant pathologist in Malawi in the early 1980s on an integrated rural development project, screening local varieties of sorghum, millet and peanuts for resistance to foliar diseases. During this time he also began investigating the role of fungal symbionts, such as mycorrhiza, on plant growth.

More recently he has been manager of a nematology capacity building project for Eastern and Southern Africa (NIESA) funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. This project links together nematologists working at universities and research institutes in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe with the aim of strengthening the pipeline between the developments coming out of academic crop research and their implementation by the growers.


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