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Vision: Global increase in crop security through plant-parasitic nematode control

Core task: Reconciling the control of plant-parasitic nematodes with reducing harmful environmental impacts through research

Loading an agarose gel with DNA samples in preparation for electrophoresis

Areas of expertise

K G Davies Limited troubleshoots problems arising in a variety of crop production settings where the new problems that arise require solutions through research. The company involves itself in:

  • Molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis between hosts and parasites
  • Germplasm screening
  • Compound screening
  • Isolation and selection of biological control agents
  • Bioassay development
  • Design and execution of pot and field experiments
  • Integrated pest management strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Report and manuscript preparation

Current research solutions

K G Davies Limited has over 25 years research experience ranging from molecular studies of nematodes to setting up field trials.

The company has expertise in molecular plant and pest pathology and applies this knowledge for the development of environmentally benign control strategies. The company takes a "middle-out" approach that puts the pest in the centre of a tri-trophic interaction between the plant host and the microbial enemy. A key component of these interactions is the molecular interface between the pest nematode and the plant, or the nematode and its microbial enemy.

Recent research using model organisms such as the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, and the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, suggests that these organisms have innate immune systems the functioning of which have many similarities. This is an active area of research with potential to have high impact in its application.

By using the fundamental knowledge being generated by studies of innate immunity and applying it to host parasite interactions of pests and diseases of agricultural importance, including their microbial enemies, K G Davies Limited aims to develop novel environmentally benign management strategies to protect plants from pests and diseases.


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