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Project management

Vision: Global increase in crop security through plant-parasitic nematode control

Core task: Reconciling the control of plant-parasitic nematodes with reducing harmful environmental impacts through project managment

Project management uses an associative leadership model based on a common vision embraced by internal and external stakeholders (see Davies & Wolf-Phillips (2006) Trends in Biotechnology 24, 57-61).

Areas of expertise

K G Davies Limited undertakes project management through assembling a network of qualified and experienced collaborators sympathetic to the vision of increasing crop security through environmentally sustainable methods of plant-parasitic nematode control. The company troubleshoots problems arising in a variety of crop productions settings where nematode management is required. Using a model of associative leadership that balances the needs of internal and external stakeholders the company provides expertise in the areas of:

  • Nematode identification and diagnostics
  • Integrated pest management
  • Pesticide reduction
  • Protection of field crops
  • Peri-urban agriculture
  • Glasshouse and protected crops
  • Protection of amenity and ornamental plants
  • Data analysis
  • Report and manuscript preparation

Current and recent projects

In the United Kingdom this has involved projects investigating the natural decline of the potato cyst nematode (PCN), Globodera spp., funded through the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and involved looking at the role of the microbial enemies in natural decline, and undertaking field trials on the ability of potential microbial pathogens of nematodes to reduce PCN populations.

Overseas projects have involved looking at the multitrophic interactions in the rhizosphere through the United Kingdom India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) funded by the British Council, and a capacity building project, Nematology Initiative for East and Southern Africa (NIESA) funded by the Gatsby Foundation and involving nematologists in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.


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