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K G Davies Limited has a number of International collaborators in Africa, China, India and USA

Transplanting oil seed rape (Canola) in China

Plant Nematode Solutions For a Healthier World

There is no such thing as a post-agricultural society. The industrial revolution which started in the United Kingdom and Europe during the eighteenth century saw an accelerating movement of population from rural areas to towns and cities. This urbanisation is continuing today on a global scale.

Recently the percentage of people living in urban environments is larger than those living in rural ones and this trend is predicted to continue. By 2050 about 70 % of people will be living an urban life-style. There being no alternative, agriculture has to produce and deliver the food to sustain these people most of whom will be outside Europe and North America.

K G Davies Limited aims to address this problem by increasing food security through the control of plant-parasitic nematodes in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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